Home of Prepaid Legal Services insurance plan. Enroll online and get an attorney to assist with personal, family and business needs. Sign up and speak with an attorney the same day! 1- Prepaidlegal.com 2 - LegalShield.com 2- Pre-Paid 3- prepaidlegal and 4- pre paid info

Home of Prepaid Legal Services insurance plan. Enroll online and get an attorney to assist with personal, family and business needs. Sign up and speak with an attorney the same day! 1- Prepaidlegal.com 2 - LegalShield.com 2- Pre-Paid 3- prepaidlegal and 4- pre paid info

Home of Prepaid Legal Services insurance plan. Enroll online and get an attorney to assist with personal, family and business needs. Sign up and speak with an attorney the same day! 1- Prepaidlegal.com 2 - LegalShield.com 2- Pre-Paid 3- prepaidlegal and 4- pre paid info






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If you answer YES to any of the following,

our valuable services can help you.


Have You Ever…

• received a traffic ticket you thought was unjustified?
• paid a bill you knew was unfair?
• lost a security deposit?
• bought a car or purchased a home?
• had difficulty with child custody and child support?
• signed an employment contract?
• had problems collecting an insurance claim?
• had trouble with your credit report?
• been involved in a landlord or property dispute?
• been involved in a separation or divorce?
• prepared a will or wanted to?
• And much more…

You can get all of these situations resolved for only pennies a day by some of the best attorneys in the country.  Why wait until it is too late and have to pay as much as $200 to $300 per hour.  Get the same first-class service by the same top-rated attorneys.


To learn more about what having a Pre-Paid Legal Services membership can do for you and your family, feel free to visit our membership information web site.  The cost to become a Pre-paid Legal Services member is only $26 plus the one-time $10 enrollment fee.  Some join so that they can receive their $500-$600 Will prepared for free, since there are no long term contracts, just the $25 monthly fee plus $1.00 for the legal shield (which I feel would be worth the membership fee all by itself).



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