We have income opportunities for people from all walks of life, no experience necessary.  If you or someone you know could use an extra $400.00-$500.00 a week part time (and a lot more full time), you owe it to yourself to take a look.  This is the best office or home-based income producing business opportunity I know of for making full time income even working just part time and as a successful entrepreneur, I have looked around.... A LOT!  We do not know of another opportunity where we can own your own business for $249, be trained by self-made millionaires, and earn more than a doctor in three years

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Office or Home Based Business Opportunity
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. - www.LegalShieldAssociate.com/go/shreffler



Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. has over 33 years of experience in the legal arena.  We are a publicly held powerhouse.  We are the only publicly held company in North America that specializes solely in the design, marketing, and administration of legal service plans. 


We supply a need that few other companies do.  Since we are the pioneers and specialists in legal service plans in the U.S., no other company can compare.  No other company has a nationwide network of over 6500 attorneys in 50 states and Canada.  Only 1% of Americans have some form of legal insurance, compared with 80% in Europe.  We have a vast untapped market that is estimated as 76% of Americans.  This is the reason that we surpassed Microsoft, as it is the 13th fastest growing stock of the 1990's (Microsoft is 16th, according to Forbes Magazine).  Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc. has over $40 million in the bank!  Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc. is listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the top ten companies in the country! 


In the coming months, memberships for Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc. will be selling as if there is no tomorrow and those who recognize this opportunity and take action will be reaping huge profits! 


For every $26.00 membership that you enroll, you will receive an instant commission of $75.00 to $182.35 (depending on your commission level). 


To learn more about this business opportunity, please visit www.LegalShieldAssociate.com/go/shreffler


The exciting thing about it is that you get paid everyday!  Whether by check or automatic deposit, the day after you enroll a Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc. member, you receive at least $75.00 and as much as $182.35.


In addition, you can offer the new Identity Theft Shield www.LegalShieldAssociate.com/idt/shreffler  ($12.95 sale = an additional $37.35 to $90.90 commission for you)


On top of all of this, You also get between $25.00 and $75.00 for each renewal year for life.  About 76% of members currently maintain their plan for life!


While there is absolutely no requirement to do so, every Associate on our team has the option of bringing in their own Associates, which not only allows you to leverage your time but it will increase your income stream exponentially. 


Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc. removes barriers to entry for associates with a zero-sales quota and a self-explanatory product.  That is it! 


You would be allowed to gain access to some of the most powerful people in business today.  This commission model has generated the most growth for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.


Here is what makes all of this relevant to you –


We are looking for a few individuals who can recognize the value and impact of this legal service!  It does not matter if you are a homemaker or an employee benefits provider.  We are looking for a few associates who can take this opportunity and run with it!  We will let you earn as big a payday as you want!  We have a proven training system that is highly effective.  Our team is highly motivated.  Know that this opportunity is not free, and we have step by step ongoing training, but...  The payoff is almost unbelievable, and you will get paid as you earn and learn!  But with all success in life, every journey begins with a single step.  Take that step! 


Success is a choice and if you are serious about making a meaningful full time income working part time or if you have any questions regarding Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., feel free to contact us. 


As of we have an opening for one more new associate this month and will be happy to consider you for the opportunity. 


If the business opportunity does not interest you at this time, the service likely will.  The cost to become a Pre-paid Legal Services member is only $26 plus the one-time $10 enrollment fee.  Some join so that they can receive their $500-$600 Will prepared for free, since there are no long term contracts, just the $25 monthly fee plus $1.00 for the legal shield (which I feel would be worth the membership fee all by itself).  


To learn more about what having a Pre-Paid Legal Services membership can do for you and your family, feel free to visit our membership information website www.LegalShieldAssociate.com/info/shreffler .










In the United States of America lies a large industrial city, site of one of the largest slave-labor camps.  Near this center are community settlements where slaves live!


Each morning the people move herd-style from these slave quarters into the industrial camp.  Each one is at his or her station at 9:00 AM.  Here they report to their masters for the day’s duties, and here, at these stations, they remain chained until the time of servitude is over – usually at 5:00 PM.


They have no choice as to how many hours they must labor.  Sometimes they are required to work overtime until the master tells them they may leave.  Each year they are told when to take vacations, for how long and when they must return.  They have little choice as to how much money they can make, and they are allowed very little time for lunch or coffee breaks during laboring hours.


They remain in their chains in great fear because the master can punish them with the lay-off whip.  It is said that even some slave who are good and faithful have felt this whip.  Day by day, year by year, they toil – until the master decides it is time for them to stop work.  He then releases them to retirement camps where they are forced to sit idle and wait for death.  It is well known that the old slaves who try to work are sometimes whipped with the ‘stop the pension’ whip!


I know these slave camps exist for I am a Free Man who lives among them.  I am in business for myself, I am truly free.  I arise in the morning at the time called for by my schedule for the day.  I decide my own hours.  I can even cut my lawn during slave laboring hours.  I can vacation when, where, and however long I may please.  I am free to take my coffee break or lunch time at my own choosing, and of course I can decide my own paycheck.  Because I am not a slave I can choose to work where I please, I am free to stay in the city as long as I please or I may leave and do business elsewhere.


I have seen slaves sadly pack their belongings, forced to leave their city in search of a new master when their master decided to beat them down with the ‘LAY-OFF’ whip!  Children sad because of changing schools, wives reluctant to leave friends and relatives, but because they are slaves, they have to serve where their master will let them.


There is a ray of hope!  Every slave is entitled to buy his or her freedom.  The cost is not too high - yet, it seems high to those that never have the courage to pay the price; ONE MUST BE WILLING TO BECOME HIS OWN MASTER!  HAVE YOU?


Good Luck and Good Recruiting!


Cleve & Dulcie Pickens

Senior Regional Vice Presidents of Central Florida


I, am in business for myself, I am truly free!






If you or someone you know could use an extra $400.00-$500.00 a week part time (and a lot more full time), visit www.LegalShieldAssociate.com/go/shreffler. Our 30-year old publicly traded company (NYSE: PPD) is expanding, as we enter the hyper-growth stage and accelerate to critical mass. We have income opportunities for people from all walks of life, no experience necessary. This is no get rich quick scheme, but is the best income producing home business opportunity I know of for making a full time income working part time. As a successful entrepreneur, I have looked around....a lot!



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