Pre-Paid Legal offers legal service plans that provide access to justice for middle income individuals and families.  Our plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind.  For just pennies a day, you can protect you and your family's legal rights.

Pre-Paid Legal offers legal service plans that provide access to justice for middle income individuals and families.  Our plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind.  For just pennies a day, you can protect you and your family's legal rights.

Pre-Paid Legal offers legal service plans that provide access to justice for middle income individuals and families.  Our plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind.  For just pennies a day, you can protect you and your family's legal rights.






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Pre-Paid Legal offers legal service plans that provide access to justice for middle income individuals and families. Our plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind. For just pennies a day, you can protect you and your family's legal rights.

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1· Pre Paid Legal Membership pre paid legal membership. not what since to those that real using fast from were within our could nowhere pre paid legal membership ... - 7k - · Pre-Paid Legal Services, Prepaid Legal Casualty, Prepaid Legal ... -- ENROLL TODAY! For More Information on becoming a distributor and/or for an Application for membership in Pre-Paid Legal, Please Fill out the Form Below. ... - 20k - · Pre Paid Legal Membership pre paid legal membership. one's free ... for sixty. begin yes pre paid legal membership more according. adj enough. along he i he'd. ... pre_paid_legal_membership.html - 7k - · Pre Paid Legal Service Plan ... chicago legal service | legal referral service | legal process service the pre paid legal services business opportunity | pre paid legal membership | pre paid ... - 7k - · Membership "PRE-PAID LEGAL PLAN" Pre-paid Legal Plan. Marketing The Processing Center Murry Fischer, Independent Associate 500 NW 165 Street Rd., #202 Miami, FL 33169 ... pre-paid-legal-plan.htm - 3k - · CONF: Prepaid Legal TOPIC: trouble with membership cancellation ... Prepaid's email: Sir, In March 2001, I emailed Prepaid Legal asking for the procedure to cancel membership. ... october2001/complaintoftheday.october17.4.htm - 9k - · PrePaid Legal - Membership Services - Create Account Membership Number: The official Membership Number presented to you by Pre-Paid Legal Services ® , Inc. Membership Number: PIN:The ... JSP/createaccount.jsp - 9k - · Marketplace Files - Pre-Paid Legal ... But in buying a membership to one company, Pre-Paid Legal, you may end up selling it. Therein lies the tale of dreams made. For some, it's a dream lost. ... - 17k - · ACCA Legal Membership ... proud to offer you this prepaid legal plan. Now you can have the legal help you need at a fraction of the usual cost. How? With a Pre-Paid Legal membership. ... - 10k - · ACCA Legal Shield ... It's that simple. This service is available for only $1.00 a month as an additional benefit to your Pre-Paid Legal Family Plan membership. ... - 7k - · PREPAID LEGAL SERVICES - Prepaid Legal Services and Pre-Paid Legal ... ... the benefits of PrePaid Legal Services than their own customers voices. You can read Customer Reviews and Testimonials on Pre-Paid Legal Membership services. ... - 37k - May 27, 2004 - · PrePaid Legal Plans ... In short, if you are considering joining a prepaid legal plan, you should fully investigate it and decide if membership makes sense for you and if it is worth ... - 20k - · Pre-Paid Legal Announces First Quarter 2004 Results ... Officer of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. said, "This 2004 first quarter is the best quarter in our more than 30 year history in terms of membership revenues. ... - 15k - · Summary of PRE PAID LEGAL SERVICES INC - Finance ... Form 10-Q for PRE PAID LEGAL SERVICES INC. ... other things, the Company's basic business model, critical accounting policies, measures of Membership retention, and ... - 43k - [ More results from ] · [PDF] Membership and Benefits File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML ... AMERICAN PREPAID LEGAL SERVICES INSTITUTE API MEMBERSHIP Most of the legal plans in existence today were developed with the help of an API member – a lawyer ... - · API ... Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. ... resource of leading provider referrals and prepaid legal industry news ... Download the full API Membership Brochure in PDF ... - 15k · Rip Off Report:Pre-paid Legal Services never paid for services ... ... the purpose of PrePaid Legal is to keep you out of trouble, not get ... how do you handle your legal situations right now without the Pre-Paid Legal membership? ... - 81k - · Prepaid legal company sued - The Clarion-Ledger ... motorcycle. "It didn't do what it said it would ... do," Battle said of his membership contract with PrePaid Legal Services. He ... - 42k - · CFA Membership Benefits ... to the terms and conditions of Educators Employment Liability Program insurance policy, and the status of your membership at the ... Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. ... - 73k - · Construction Firm Prepaid Legal Services ... Employers who subscribe to Prepaid Legal Services are given a membership identification number and provided a call a toll-free number to reach their Provider ... · Search Membership Database - Salem (OR) Area Chamber of Commerce ... Salem, 503-371-2403. PPG Industries, Inc. Salem, 503-365-2130. Pre Paid Legal Services, Salem, 503-851-1635. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Salem, 503-581-6392. ... directory?func=search&begins_with=P - 75k - · The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory ... ... The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory contains a ... Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., Independent Associate Web Site: http://www.prepaidlegal ... - 39k - · Search the Web for Information and Resources - The World's Fastest ... ... Monthly Prepaid Legal Membership Legal services payable monthly. ... Pre-Paid Legal - Enroll Online Now With a Pre-paid Legal membership, you gain ... results.jsp?portal_id=1&keyword=Legal%20membership - 21k - · Pre-Paid Legal Services ... TRIAL DEFENSE SERVICES. Lawsuits cause tremendous emotional and financial stress. Your Pre-Paid Legal membership offers assistance when you need it most. ... - 14k - · Investor's Business Daily: Investor's Newswire ... ADA, OK- Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc ... These after-tax losses are created since the Company advances significant commissions at the time a membership is sold and ... - 76k - · Get Out of Jail Free? [Commentary] April 22, 2004 ... All in all, a basic Pre-Paid Legal membership would probably more than cover the legal needs of about 70% of the population, according to attorneys I spoke with ... 2004/commentary040422lb.htm - 35k - · Free Stock quote for Pre Paid Legal Svcs from ADVFN, free real ... ... 27/10/03, 22:05, PRNUS, Pre-Paid Legal Announces Third Quarter 2003 Financial Results; EPS Up 17%, Net Income Up 5%, and Membership Revenue Up 4%, ... - 52k - · pre paid legal > pre paid legal only on ... Enroll for services, and view the membership movie. [ ]. ... prepaid legal, prepaid legal services and pre paid legal insurance plans available ... - 43k - · Prepaid Legal Services - a legal expense plan & business ... Prepaid Legal Services - a pre-paid legal expense plan & business opportunity. ... For less than a cup of coffee a day, a Pre-Paid Legal Membership will provide you ... - 24k - · [PDF] Work-Life Employee Discounts File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML ... Colorado. Pre-Paid Legal Services is offering all State employees a discounted membership in a pre-paid legal services program. Services ... - · Pre-Paid Legal Announces 2003 Year End Results ... PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES, INC. ... per share amounts) Three Months Ended Year Ended December 31, December 31, 2003 2002 2003 2002 Revenues: Membership fees $84,199 ... 23feb2004174204.html - 56k - · Prepaid Legal Services - How It Works - Definitions & ... ... accept. PLAN MEMBER is any person who has contracted with the Company for a membership in the plan and has a current paid membership. ... - 19k - · Marion Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Benefits of Membership ... Membership Mailing Labels (one set of Chamber member mailing labels per year at no cost; additional sets may be purchased at a cost ... Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc ... - 29k - · The 'Lectric Law Library GoldCard Premium Membership Program ... that can't be prevented, GoldCard Members get a Two Month FREE Individual Plan Membership from one of the nation's leading pre-paid legal organizations, LawStar ... - 20k - · SanDiegoMetro... ... You can afford to protect your rights with a Pre-Paid Legal Membership through San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union. Have you ever... ... WebPage.asp?Site=SanDiegoMetro&Page_Name=Pre-paid+Legal+Service - 7k - · Legal Resource Center: Prepaid legal plans, NationWide Legal ... ... Pre-Paid Legal Plans: Families and businesses seeking professional legal counsel may want to consider membership in a pre-paid legal plan. ... - 71k - · Business Opportunities Weblog | Prepaid Legal Services ... Prepaid Legal Services. ... Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc ... Take a few minutes and visit the website to sign up for the business, take advantage of the membership or to ... archives/2001/11/14/1957.php - 14k - · Free Work at Home Mom Membership at Internet Based Moms ... Based Moms. Membership Features If you've been looking around the site, you'll see there are a ton of great resources to be found. A ... - 50k - May 28, 2004 - · Foster Parent Legal Plan Secure Order Form ... sales.) I hereby authorize my Employer City & State To Deduct $ from my earnings for my Pre-Paid Legal Services®, Inc., and subsidiaries membership. ... legal-solutions/secformu.html - 14k - · Delaware Woman : Pre-Paid Legal Insurance - Protection and Peace ... ... Legal plans currently permitted in Delaware are substantial with respect to what the client is receiving in return for membership in a pre-paid legal plan. ... - 18k - · Sun Herald - 05/05/04 ... April membership topped the charts for the chamber. ... (627-3311); The Florida Gulf Coast Group, Janet Watermeier (239-561-1718); Pre-Paid Legal Services, Jim and ... NewsArchive2/050504/tp17ch24.htm?date=050504&story=tp17ch24.htm - 13k - · [PDF] SUSSEX COUNTY'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR THE AGING & ADULTS WITH ... ... call should they feel their rights have been violated and they need to contact an attorney immediately Individual membership to Pre-Paid Legal Services covers ... Minutes/m091503.pdf - · Pre-Paid Legal Services Fraud ... and controller of Pre-Paid Legal. "After a lot of questions and comments and accusations came up this year, we gave a year-by-year membership persistency rate ... prepaid_noreport.html - 12k - · ... W ARWICK , R HODE I SLAND RI 800-498-0511 (401) 738-0511 Membership Directory & ... 401/785-4500 MARK B. HEFFNER, ATTORNEY 401/737-1600 PRE-PAID LEGAL 877/737-4156 ... ChamberWorks/01_04pg%209.pdf - · FCCC - Collegebuys ... For virtually pennies a day, a Pre-Paid Legal Membership will provide individuals, families, and small businesses immediate access to top-quality legal ... collegebuys/collegebuys_vendors.asp?iKey=14 - 16k - · Pre-Paid Legal Information ... low monthly cost. A Pre-Paid Legal membership gives you and your family the best value for your dollar. This comprehensive legal ... - 8k - · Direct Selling Association - Membership Directory ... Company Description: Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.'s predecessor was ... 1972 and began marketing prepaid legal plans to ... The membership also provides cost effective ... directory/index.cfm?fuseaction=show_CompanyMember&MemberID=GRS%25(E6JWGA%3E%0A - 5k - · AFE : Membership ... paid legal. For an application or to join online, click here. Here's what your peers have to say about us! For information on our corporate membership program ... - 34k - May 28, 2004 - · Employer List ... Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, profit sharing, Health Club Membership, Aflac, Credit Union Membership, Pre-Paid Legal, Life and AD&D Insurance, Paid ... perl/vaui/EmpList/top/job/9E165-2139?xid=.27739.40a56c49.8b250.0&pid=orlive - 12k - · Membership Directory ... Membership Directory. 2 Busy 2 Clean. 2's Company Farm Creek Cabins. ... Precision Auto Body & Paint Inc. Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. Prestige Home & Properties. ... - 101k - 1. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (NYSE: PPD) designs, underwrites, and markets pre-paid legal service contracts which encourage preventive/defensive use of legal services. - 2. - Pre Paid Legal Services - Top PrePaid Legal Lawyers & Attorneys Pre Paid Legal Services - Request Pre Paid Legal info. free, or Enroll Online for $26/month or Less to get your Pre Paid Legal Membership. Wills, Legal Advice, Business Law, Custody Law, & More. ... With your membership, you and your spouse are covered as ... the service you receive from your Pre-Paid Legal plan ... With my Pre-Paid Legal membership, I always have access ... - 32k - 3. prepaid legal, prepaid legal services, pre paid legal prepaid legal, prepaid legal services and pre paid legal insurance plans available through our online form or find out how you may become a pre-paid legal home business associate. ... For 33 years, Pre-Paid Legal Services has provided equal access ... a day, a Prepaid Legal Services Membership will provide you and ... - 56k - 4. Pre paid legal services We are not only here to provide for the experience, but we are here to help the inexperienced. We know that you will be impressed with this vast network of high-tech sites. ... With a prepaid legal plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services, get legal ... Debtor creditor The LegalCHOICE membership service can help you manage ... - 11k - 5. prepaid legal services, pre paid legal, prepaid legal prepaid legal services and prepaid legal insurance plans available through our online form or find out how you may become a pre paid legal associate. ... For 33 years, Prepaid Legal Services has provided equal access to ... coffee a day, a Prepaid Legal Membership will provide you and ... - 10k - 6. Pre Paid Legal Services, Inc. TOC ... a Prepaid Legal Membership Helene ... Pre-Paid Legal Services? Chris 03 Jul 2001. Have access to top law firms in your state-family coverage with a Prepaid Legal Membership ... - 5k - 7. Pre Paid Legal Associate Created with Trellian WebPage Text/HTML Links ... Justice For All" The Pre-Paid Legal Way ... Having a Prepaid Legal Services membership is about personal empowerment ! ... A Pre-Paid Legal membership will empower you and your ... - 7k - 8. legal services questions Pre-paid legal plans for business, family and individual at low monthly payment membership. ... Productive yesterday prepaid legal legal contract legal issue did you ... down dialed during pre paid legal light in every ... Prepaid legal services document legal summary pre paid legal ... - 8k - 9. Pre Paid Legal Services Pre Paid Legal Services. Prepaid Legal Services at - Economic. to legal advice? Yes No N/A Are you without a will? Yes No N/A You need legal services for? Personal Business Both N/A Name Email (N/A if not available) Phone ... Information on the prepaidlegal mlm business and the prepaidlegal membership ... - 22k - 10. Payne Company, PayneCompany, Pre Paid Legal, PrePaid, PrePaidLegal, Lawyers, Help, Law Firms, Brasstown 28902, Murphy 28906... Kenny Payne Pre Paid Legal Associate - Affordable top rated attorneys for all your legal needs ... of PrePaid Legal came to the unit one day and gave a brief presentation to all the guardsmen. The membership was being ... both representatives of PrePaid Legal services. ... - 12k - 11. Pre Paid Legal Service - Our Attorneys ... Prepaid Legal Attorneys. As a Pre-Paid Legal Services member, you'll ... Qualified. The Pre-Paid Legal Services Provider Lawyer Network ... of the active monthly membership fee base each month ... - 9k - 12. Pre Paid Legal Service - Why Do I need a Legal Insurance Plan About Us | FAQ | Contact Us. Why do I need a Legal. Plan? About Prepaid Legal. Services. Prepaid Legal. Attorneys. Our Plans and Pricing. What They're Saying. About Prepaid Legal. Why Do I Need a Legal Services Plan? ... A Prepaid Legal membership give you access to top-quality law ... - 10k - 13. Dreams Inn.Com, Pre Paid Legal Services... Dreams Inn.Com offers an avenue an affordable Prepaid Legal service protection for Family, Small business, Truck Drivers, law officers, businesses, school teachers, etc.. A GREAT Legal Protection... been a member of Pre-Paid legal for a number ... a day, a Pre-Paid Legal Membership will provide you ... is through a prepaid legal plan."" More than half ... - 39k - 14. DTEResources Pre Paid Legal Services Pre-Paid Legal Services. Client Referrences. Get Info. FAQ/Feedbacks. Contact Us. Client Referrences. I don't know where I would aber without Pre-Paid Legal. I would have been in much better shape... emotionally, physically, and financially. ... Prepaid-Legal Servics, Inc., mempbership is the best investment I have ever made. In the first. month, the value of the membership ... - 10k - 15. Pre Paid Legal Services Company Profile ... a day, a Pre-Paid Legal Membership will provide you ... 1,100,000, and counting, Prepaid Legal Services members know ... if they stay with Prepaid Legal for 5 years they ... - 15k - 16. Pre-Paid Legal: lawsuits, retention rates, persistency rates, scam and pyramid scheme accusations, opposing viewpoints--and ... What associates and recruits may not know about Pre-Paid Legal ... retention rate for Pre-Paid Legal’s memberships were ... was Pre-Paid Legal having so much trouble keeping a consistent membership base ... how he started Prepaid Legal after being in ... - 92k - 17. PREPAID LEGAL PLANS - Visit to view the legal plans available in your area. Get a quote Today! For a low monthly fee, you can have access to valuable legal benefits that cover the most common legal needs that you will encounter. ... Legal plans sites: Pre Paid Legal Services-Top Rated Attorneys ... Prepaid Legal Services. Pre-Paid Legal Services ... Get Your Prepaid Legal Membership! If you want a ... - 15k - 18. Marvin Williams Pre Paid Legal Independent Associate (305) 969-7738 ... The small membership dues are combined with millions of other ... Even now, these prepaid legal benefits could make a ... get with a Pre-Paid Legal membership. Pre-Paid Legal ... - 41k - 19. Pre-Paid Legal, affordable legal plans to suit all needs ... Pre-Paid Legal offers YOU affordable access to an attorney. YOUR Pre-Paid Legal attorney will be there ... a day. A Pre-Paid Legal Membership will provide YOU ... - 28k - 20. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Prepaid Legal Casualty, Prepaid Legal Pre-Paid Legal Plans and Pre-Paid Legal Protection Plans are explained and made available on this site. Attornies and Lawyers that specialize in tax law, real estate law, criminal law, corporate ... An Independent Distributor of Pre-Paid Legal Services ... the peace of mind that the Pre-Paid Legal membership offers through ... for an Application for membership in Pre-Paid Legal, ... - 20k - 21. Prepaid Legal Services - Legal Plans as low as $14.95. Signup Online! Prepaid Legal Services - Need Legal Help? FREE & Discounted legal services from consultation, document review, divorce, wills, bankruptcy and more. Plus enjoy discounts on: Vision Care, ... Agents ¦. About •Prepaid legal services ... Prepaid Legal Services & Health Plans. The legal access plans discussed in this site are not insurance coverage. All membership ... - 20k - 22. Search Results ... SEARCH RESULTS. Pre Paid Legal Services-Top Rated Attorneys ... Prepaid Legal Services. Pre-Paid offers ... PrePaidLegal.Com for pre-paid legal membership and opportunities ... = - 27k - 23. Prepaid Legal ... Protect Yourself And Your Family with. Pre Paid Legal ... In a few states, the legal plan portion of the PRE-PAID LEGAL membership is considered insurance ... - 3k - 24. Pre-Paid Legal Services Information at Pre-Paid Legal Services industry web links for business products, services, information and resources ... PrepaidLegal Services. Family Legal Plans In Your Area Now Independent Associate NYSE Listed. Pre-Paid Legal Membership ... Provides prepaid legal service plans ... - 29k - 25. prepaid legal services ... Best Rates Long Distance - Pre Paid Legal - Nickies Free Recipes ... Gene DeFabis Member/Independant Associate. Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc ... One LOW Monthly Membership Fee Includes: ... - 7k - 26. Prepaid Legal ... Prepaid Legal. Age Discrimination ... Pre Paid Legal. Pre Paid Legal Services. Prepaid Legal. Prepaid Legal Service ... from Top PrePaid Legal. With a Pre-Paid Legal Membership access legal ... - 26k - 27. PrePaid Legal Personal Marketing System A complete online marketing system for marketing Pre Paid Legal services. Systems available for other network marketing systems as well. ... Pre-Paid Legal site in an effort to focus the prospect's attention on signing up for a membership ... - 62k - 28. Karl Droxner : Legal Help for Less Than $1 a Day! Pre-Paid Legal plans are available for individuals, families and businesses. It's more affordable than you think! ... have a Top Law Firm in your area provide legal help, absolutely FREE, with your membership. by Karl Droxner ... - 20k - 29. Legal Advice from Top PrePaid Legal Lawyers & Attorneys Pre Paid Legal Services - Request Pre Paid Legal info. free to get your questions answered about a Pre Paid Legal Membership. Wills, Legal Advice, Business Law, Custody Law, & More! ... five years. Our Pre-Paid Legal membership has been helpful ... - 33k - 30. pre-paid legal, pre-paid legal services, prepaid legal home business pre-paid legal and pre-paid legal insurance plans available through our online form or find out how you may become a pre-paid legal services associate. ... For 33 years, Pre-Paid Legal has provided equal access ... a day, a Prepaid Legal Membership will provide you ... - 55k - 31. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Timing is Everything. Get Paid Daily. Direct Sales. Building Your Team. Get Started Now. home > opportunity home> get paid daily. Get Paid Daily! Congratulations! You're in the right place at the right time! ... the right time! Pre-Paid Legal is the right ... money with PrePaid Legal: Market a Pre-Paid Legal membership and receive ... as you are a Pre-Paid Legal Associate ... - 7k - 32. Prepaid Legal Services - Top PrePaid Legal Lawyers & Attorneys Prepaid Legal Services - Request Prepaid Legal info. free to get your prepaid legal Membership. Wills, Legal Advice, Business Law, Custody Law, & More! ... In my first 30 days with Pre-Paid Legal, I have saved $1,000 ... In my first 30 days with Pre-Paid Legal, I have saved $1,000 ... - 69k - 33. Prepaid legal services, forms, documents, contracts, divorce, laws ... Prepaid legal services, forms, documents, contracts, divorce... PREPAID LEGAL SERVICES. pre-paid legal coverage, advice, help ... LEGAL ADVICE. A membership can give you telephone access ... - 15k - 34. prepaid legal services - The Protection Coverage Group prepaid legal services and prepaid legal insurance plans available through our online form or find out how you may become a prepaid legal associate. ... has been a major marketer of prepaid legal services online ... Health Advisors' USA+ association membership provides you with quality discount ... We are NOT Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. ... - 57k - 35. A Tribute to GET YOUR LEGAL PROTECTION TODAY! ... PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES ... MEMBERSHIP TODAY!!! FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER AND JANUARY 2004, WE ARE OFFERING 30 DAY FREE TRIALS WITH PRE - PAID LEGAL ... VIDEO ON PREPAID LEGAL! ... - 12k - 36. Prepaid Legal Prepaid Legal attorney lawyers prepaid online coverage online monthly survey survey service counsel service services lawyers counsel families service prepaid attorney online individuals online ... Pre-Paid Legal Service - James E ... Prepaid Legal - Laura Lozano. View Prepaid Legal coverage plans and rates online. Enroll for services, and view the membership movie ... - 17k - 37. What is a prepaid legal plan? How do I get free legal advice? Prepaid Legal Services, Hyatt, and GE ... Prepaid legal service plans. What are they? How they work. Prepaid Legal Services, Hyatt Legal Plans, and the GE Legal Services Plan. ... a complex society, prepaid legal service plans analogous to ... exchange for a membership fee, premium, or some ... by Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc. corporate, and the prepaid legal provider ... - 15k - 38. pre-paid legal services, prepaid legal home business, pre-paid legal pre-paid legal services and pre-paid legal insurance plans available through our online form or find out how you may become a pre-paid legal home business associate. ... For 33 years, Pre-Paid Legal Services has provided ... a day, a Prepaid Legal Services Membership will provide you ... - 57k - 39. Prepaid Legal Services USA Today. September 26, 2000 " Pre-Paid Legal is providing equal justice for all. Having access to an attorney shouldn't be a luxury. But at $200 dollars an hour, it is. ... making legal services accessible...Pre Paid Legal has passed the one ... a day, a Pre-Paid Legal Membership will provide you ... - 18k - 40. PrePaid Legal Plans - Sign Up for your legal solution! ... Prepaid Legal Plans. Sign-Up for your Peace of Mind ... secure signup form of Prepaid Legal Services in a separate ... the application to Pre-Paid Legal. Membership Application Forms: ... - 21k - 41. Prepaid Legal Services Plans - Pre-Paid Legal Are prepaid legal services plans a good investment? ... You Buy A Pre-paid Legal Services Plan ... You Sell Pre-paid Legal Services Plans? Should You Buy A Prepaid Legal Services Plan ... a result of plan membership. ... - 22k - 42. LEGAL SERVICE - Attorney at Law Firm, Lawyer, Advice, PrePaid Legal Services and Pre-Paid Legal Membership Prepaid Legal Services sign up search Free attorney advice, search, law firm, legal law advice Forms, law, power of attorney, Legal service, Free legal Forms, legal advice, legal, legal aid, legal... prepaid legal service membership ... PrePaid Legal Services than their own customers voices. You can read Customer Reviews and Testimonials on Pre-Paid Legal Membership ... - 47k - 43. totalPRO Prepaid Legal Services Program Information Prepaid Legal Services. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is a 30 year old company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is one of the largest providers of legal service plans in North America. ... through your annual membership fee. A prepaid legal plan takes the ... - 12k - 44. PrePaid Legal PrePaid Legal - Individual, family, and business legal plans for your protection. ... the right time! Pre-Paid Legal is the right company ... Market a Pre-Paid Legal membership and receive immediate commission ... 800.565.6651. Email. PrePaid Legal. Family/Individual Plans ... - 10k - 45. Prepaid Legal Services at LawForMe.Com - Membership Plans and Business Information With a prepaid legal plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services, get legal advice from top-rated lawyers. Request free information on the plans in your state or more business information on our associate ... an affordable legal plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Pre-Paid Legal Services is a 30 year old company ... you need...and at no additional cost beyond your membership ... - 17k - 46. Prepaid Legal Services at Jim Startzman - Membership Plans and Business Information With a prepaid legal plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services, get legal advice from top attorneys and lawyers. Request free information on the plans in your state or more business information on our ... Pre-Paid Legal Services is a 30 year old company ... you need...and at no additional cost beyond your membership ... it is no wonder Pre-Paid Legal now has over ... - 24k - 47. Starting a home based business with Prepaid Legal Services and/ or buy a membership Starting a home based business with Prepaid Legal Services and/ or buy a membership. WITH PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES YOU CAN HAVE THE LEGAL PROTECTION THAT YOU DESERVE AND CAN AFFORD! NATHAN LOW PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES P.O. - 4k - 48. PrePaid Legal Services - Top PrePaid Legal Lawyers & Attorneys PrePaid Legal Services - Request PrePaid Legal info. free, or Enroll Online with Prepaid Legal Services for $26/month or Less to get your PrePaid Legal Membership. Wills, Legal Advice, Business ... Services ® Inc. Independent Associate. Pre-Paid Legal Membership ... We have family Pre-Paid legal membership plans, as well ... - 48k - 49. prepaid legal, pre-paid legal prepaid legal and pre-paid legal insurance plans available through our online form or find out how you may become a pre paid legal associate. ... For 29 years, Prepaid Legal Services has provided equal access to justice ... coffee a day, a Prepaid Legal Membership will provide you and your ... - 10k - 50. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. бизнес рынок анализ маркетинг реклама книга статья учебник пособие методика исследование Украина Россия ... the right time! Pre-Paid Legal is the right ... money with PrePaid Legal: Market a Pre-Paid Legal membership and receive ... what you get with a Pre-Paid Legal membership ... - 16k -

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Most normal people can not even get a quarter of the way through the following list with out finding several ways they would have, at no additional cost, used Pre-Paid Legal Services within the last year.  Remember, over half of the households in North America have an ongoing legal situation right now and over 70% do not even have a current will. 


Speaking of wills, John Denver and Sonny Bono both died recently without a will.  All Pre-paid Legal Services members get their wills custom drafted by a top quality estate attorney, at no extra charge, a $400-600 value (not some fill-in-the-blank generic form that isn't worth the paper it's written on if contested) and it is updated every year all as part of their membership.


Most young people are under the misconception that only wealthy or elderly people need a will.  We hear many stories of where young single parents or where both parents died on September 11, making their children instant orphans. 7 of 10 of them had no will so their children were put into the "system" and at the mercy of the government, rather than cared for by friends or family, as a will would have provided. 


It's not a question of IF you will need the services of an attorney, rather it is just a matter of WHEN. You don't have to be in trouble with the law to need the services of an attorney.  Bad things happen to good people and in everyday life we run across situations that sound legal advice can help us make better choices and our life easier. It just makes sense. 


Dora and I personally used our family membership when we flew home from the PPL Convention in Oklahoma City.  Our scheduled flight was canceled due to mechanical failure on the American Airlines jet we were booked.  I called the toll-free number, talked to my lawyer, and as a result, flew home 3 hours later, seated in First Class, and received a full refund for the round trip airfare!  We talked to other passengers that were going to have to wait more than 12 hours just to get a flight out, in coach, and guess compensation for their trouble!  Best of all, we signed up 2 new Pre-paid Legal Members right there in the Airport who overheard my telephone conversation with my attorney and were impressed so much with the result.


If you wish to telephone me, I will be more than happy to supply any further information you desire or answer questions you may have. I can be reached at 217-762-4846.  


Thank you.




Steve Shreffler


Steve Shreffler

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101 Reasons Why You Need Legal Protection

1. Your car insurance is canceled when your teenage son is involved in an accident.
2. A neighbor's child is injured playing in your yard.
3. Your dog bites an elderly passerby.
4. The auto repair shop threatens small claims court for money you do not owe.
5. The IRS selects you for an audit.
6. A tenant falls down stairs and sues you for negligence.
7. Your child throws a baseball through a neighbor's car window.
8. A merchant refuses to honor a guarantee.
9. You have an accident driving your friend's boat.
10. Your deceased spouse did not have an up-to-date will.
11. A minor is caught breaking into your home.
12. Your driver's license is suspended.
13. Your landlord raises your rent in violation of a verbal agreement.
14. Your teenager is accused of shoplifting.
15. You decide to change your name.
16. You are cited with DWI/DUI charges while taking medication.
17. Creditors threaten to take action against you for your ex-spouse's debts.
18. A neighbor reports you for child abuse.
19. You decide to adopt.
20. A friend is injured on your property and sues you.
21. Family members challenge your parents' will.
22. You are buying a new home.
23. A stranger calls and demands money or damaging information will be released.
24. Your car is damaged by a hit-and-run driver.
25. You accidentally back over a neighbor's garbage can that was not in its proper place.
26. A hairdresser damages your hair with harsh chemicals.
27. Your child wrecks the car, and a friend is injured.
28. You are subpoenaed.
29. You are called to jury duty.
30. Your long drive off the tee injures another player.
31. You need a lease agreement reviewed.
32. Your son is injured in a football game.
33. A neighbor trips over a rake in your yard and breaks a leg.
34. A jeweler sells you faulty merchandise.
35. A car dealership gains illegal access to your credit history.
36. You are hit by a bottle at a baseball game.
37. Your parents die and leave you executor of their estate.
38. Your dog is poisoned.
39. You are injured when you slip on a wet floor in a public building.
40. Your dogs trample a neighbor's garden.
41. Your neighbor's dog barks for hours every night.
42. Your teenager gets a speeding ticket.
43. Your landlord enters your apartment without permission.
44. You need an attorney's advice on any matter.
45. A neighbor's dog attacks and injures your pet.
46. Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit.
47. You lose an expensive watch in a hotel and the manager claims no liability.
48. Your boat is damaged while in storage.
49. A speeding car nicks your bumper while you are parked in the street.
50. You need a letter written on your behalf by an attorney.
51. You need a phone call on your behalf by an attorney.
52. Your spouse claims a right to your earnings.
53. A record club sends you merchandise after you canceled your membership.
54. You are refused service at a restaurant.
55. A property manager refuses to rent to you.
56. You are denied credit for no apparent reason.
57. You are fired without just cause.
58. You receive a ticket for speeding.
59. You do not have a will or your needs to be updated.
60. You do not understand the difference between a trust and a will.
61. You made a sizable gift to charity.
62. Angry words result in a slander suit.
63. You need a patent for an invention.
64. You need a copyright for your manuscript.
65. You are wrongly accused of committing a crime.
66. Your right to privacy has been invaded.
67. Your car is vandalized in a parking lot.
68. A postal carrier slips on your uncovered walk and breaks his/her leg.
69. Your daughter is dating someone you don't approve of, and you want to know how much authority you have under the law.
70. You are stopped for speeding, and a friend righting in your car is in possession of marijuana.
71. Your teenager backs over a friend's mailbox.
72. A store will not sell you an article because it has the wrong price tag attached.
73. You are cheated by an e-commerce Web site.
74. A salesman charges more than a given estimate.
75. A creditor tries to put you in jail for owing money.
76. A year-old accident results in a personal injury.
77. You car is repossessed unjustly.
78. You are scheduled to appear in small claims court.

79. Your new house has bad plumbing and a leaky roof.
80. Your neighbors ruin the neighborhood with loud parties and failing to mow their lawn.
81. You are about to join a health club.
82. You are selling your home.
83. You have a minor fender bender while driving a friend's car.
84. You have liability questions in launching a new business.
85. Your neighbor's dog bites your child.
86. You have a property line dispute over a newly installed fence.
87. You're an eyewitness to a robbery and are asked to testify in trial.
88. You need a premarital agreement.
89. You are buying or selling a car.
90. You have an altercation in a nightclub and threatening remarks are made.
91. Your bank sends a foreclosure notice after one house payment is late.
92. A retail store won't accept the return of defective merchandise.
93. A pool repairman won't stand behind his work.
94. A trespasser is caught poaching on your land.
95. You are leasing land.
96. Contractors leave a home improvement project unfinished
97. A bank unjustly turns you in to a credit bureau.
98. You need advice concerning a divorce.
99. You need advice concerning grounds for adultery.
100. Your neighbor's tree limbs overhang your yard and create a hazard.
101. Your spouse uses force against you.

                -From The Pre-Paid Legal Story, by Harland C. Stonecipher







Identity theft could be referred to as any of the following: ID Theft, Identity Fraud, Bank Fraud, Account Takeover, Credit Card Fraud, Criminal Identity Theft, Check Fraud, New Account Fraud, or Wire Fraud. Although different institutions, companies or agencies may use these terms, do not be confused. The crime is still Identity Theft.








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